Change Log


Breaking Changes:

  • Python < 3.6 is no longer officially supported, i.e. the library has not been tested on those Python version in CI. However, it may still continue to work on those versions

New Features:

  • Get historic price trend of a stock over certain fixed time intervals (1M, 3M, 6M, 12M)

  • Add custom exception for invalid or inactive stocks whose data is not available anymore [issue 2, issue 18, issue 22]


  • Remove Travis piplines. This project now uses only GitHub Actions for CI!

  • Add code coverage details to CI

  • Update docs theme


New Features:

  • Switched to lxml parser for better performance

Bug Fixes:

  • Add a generic User Agent to all the requests as BSE website is blocking requests from the default requests user agent (python-requests/2.23.0) [issue 5, issue 9, issue 13, issue 14]


Bug Fixes:

  • Quick fix for getQuote method crashing due to missing priceBand attribute [issue 5]


New Features:

  • Implement updateScripCodes, getScripCodes and verifyScripCode methods to verify and search scrip codes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix getIndices method returning empty response

  • Fix getQuote method not returning company name


New Features:

  • Getting quotes for all the indices traded in BSE


New Features:

  • Getting live quotes using stock codes

  • Return data in both JSON and python (dict and list) formats

  • Getting list of top losers

  • Getting list of top gainers